The Cleave Group

Guaranteed Quality assured Green recycled vehicle parts are creating quite a stir in the fleet and insurance industry even more so today, as the demand for a more affordable and sustainable source gather pace


Green parts also known as ‘recycled parts ‘or ‘used parts ‘are official manufacturer (OEM) parts that have been removed from a vehicle during the dismantling and recycling process.


The Cost and savings
Reduced Down time.
Repair of viable BER vehicles
Retention of vehicles on fleet,
Avoiding the need for reallocation
Reduce requirement for new vehicle provision
Reducing repair times
VOR and logistical issues
Reducing general waste

We simply cannot afford to keep paying big sums for new parts direct from the manufacturer.
TCG Green parts are the answer as they can be up to 90% less than going direct to your vehicle manufacturer
TCG recycled parts doesn’t leave you with a narrow choice; instead we carry an abundance of Green parts available from
The Citroen, fiat, Peugeot, Nissan (multi vans)
The whole Ford range
The whole Mercedes range
The whole Vauxhall range and just about every other manufacturer in between.
TCG also Source and supply ‘as new’ unused take off parts from main dealers @ green parts pricing.

Guarantee and warranty

The main reservation that any individual when choosing whether or not to opt for green parts is that of quality assurance. TCG is worlds apart from the standard recycler.

When you purchase a green part from cleaves it has undertaken the strenuous quality test
To ensure that the part is fit for your needs.
TCG inspect, analyse and tests to the highest industry-leading standards to make sure you are receiving a part is of the highest quality. TCG offers 6 months to 1 year’s warranties on all parts to further enhance peace of mind to you.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Sustainable procurement carbon footprint
Organisations with large supply chains can reduce their carbon footprint by adopting the purchasing of cleaves eco-label products
Cleaves sustainable procurement principles,
Parts that are purchased by you have an effect on carbon emission associated with them –the emissions from your purchases, transport, the use and disposal.
A large portion of your carbon footprint is as a result of embedded carbon emissions from your supply chain

By implementing a Cleave Green Recycling parts program, sends less waste to landfill
As Waste that ends up in landfill produces methane which is a greenhouse gas.
So simply
Reduce your emissions from waste by implementing the Cleaves comprehensive recycling scheme
Cleaves Effective action reduces your carbon footprint, plus saving your organisation lots of money.


TCG give full reassure that all parts supplied are of known provenance, with a full audit trail
Our supply chain, traceability are both a regulatory and mandatory
Our supply chain is freely available to clients on request,
TCG can illustrate the fact that the products we supply do not damage the environment.


The future is most definitely CLEAVE green! We can see great potential for uplift in demand for green parts and with our industry standards in place; Fleet users will be able to buy with ever increasing confidence. As manufacturers strategies towards producing ever more eco-minded vehicles it would be fair to assume that the buying will switch from expensive, OEM parts to quality affordable, recycled parts that help every aspects of saving time and money as well as the environment.
TCG are working with an industry leading estimating system company on a fully automated interfacing green parts sourcing / provision–

The ultimate goal being to facilitate, selection and use of green parts at the touch of a button – 1st of its kind ever developed .

After all, why buy new when Cleaves Quality recycled will do?

Here’s a quick summary of why it’s good to ‘go cleave green’:
• Low cost alternative – you can save as much as 90% by choosing green parts over new
• Quality – parts are subjected to stringent testing to ensure quality
• Help the environment – purchase a green part and prevent unnecessary wastage/over-production of parts
• Availability – Everyday vehicle and commercial. You name it we’ve got it!