About Us

The Cleave Group is a Leading fleet “Green Recycling Solution Provider” to its trading partners, facilitating not only the supply and distribution of guaranteed, quality assured, green recycled vehicle components but also helping source and fast tracking back ordered or obsolete new OEM parts, alongside technical support.  Including queries on parts identification.

TCG is the only complete fleet solution supplier of the full range of services for this industry. Our commercial partners are both industry produces and consumers. Our role is to be a reputable and competitive partner to businesses in the Fleet sector.

Our commitment provides real benefits to our clients through the competitive advantage it brings; our ability to deliver at the right specification, at the right time and the right price.

TCG’s is a family trading company transacting in a global market. A team of very experienced individuals combined with a world class technology platform enables TCG to provide fast and innovative solutions for customers in multiple markets.

TCG believes it has a unique approach to managing the handling and disposal of unwanted or damaged Vehicles and the supply of Green recycled parts, with specialist databases and processes, including full audit trails, management information and of course bespoke arrangements that we will tailor to our clients’ specific needs. Everything we do is transparent, auditable and environmentally responsible.

TCG is working with a number of fleet and PLC companies relating to accident and mechanical damaged vehicles. We believe all companies can hugely benefit by reviewing there processes on recycling, whilst also looking at how they can save costs, not just on the running and maintaining of their fleet, but also

Down time.

Utilising green parts for the repair of viable BER vehicles

Retaining vehicles on fleet,

Avoiding the need for reallocation

New vehicle provision

Reducing repair costs

VOR and logistical issues

Reducing general waste

Any replacement vehicle would potentially need to be re-liveried and equipped as appropriate – by repairing the original vehicle, such additional costs are avoided and the residual value of the repaired vehicle is retained associated with such a large fleet

TCG complete recycled Green parts scheme means we carry not only stocks of fast moving or popular parts. Such as panels, engines and gearboxes but every single item that makes the vehicle, such as pipes, wiring, the brackets to a nut and bolt, the benefit to you is that your vehicle is back on the road faster with greater savings. This also benefits your fleet In the event there is a back order on the new parts, or if the parts are no longer available, which can create significant downtime for their fleet.

Using recycled parts from TCG of savings of up to 90 % on manufacturer list prices

To back this scheme TCG also offers a parts guarantee of up to 1 year.

We believe this makes Green and recycled parts a commercially sound proposition, whilst improving your carbon foot print.

TCG parts supplied to date have been in grade 1 excellent condition and have avoided the need for refinishing or livery replacement – resulting in additional cost savings in respect of paint labour, paint & material costs and livery & carriage fees; majority of fleet vehicles now have ‘wrap’ decals which represent a significant impact on overall repair costs given the increased cost of the decal and required application costs.

If you’re interested in talking Cleaves Guaranteed Quality assured Green recycled vehicle parts

Please call Mr J Grenville-Cleave   07768422823 or   01452 412296