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Welcome to The Cleave Group

Who are we?

We are a leading UK, dedicated; bespoke, fleet vehicle part-recycling solution provider. We supply guaranteed quality-assured ‘green’ recycled OEM vehicle components. We ensure that all parts have been professionally removed from accident and mechanically damaged fleet maintained vehicles. We meticulously inspect all parts to assure their suitability for reuse. We estimate a potential saving to our customers of up to 92% of the MRP.

What do we do?

Our bespoke service includes: Vehicle collection; Recovery; Storage; Pre-vehicle dismantling evaluation; Decommissioning and decontamination; Dismantling; Cleaning; Bespoke data capture; Parts imaging; Pricing; Qualitative and quantitative parts’ storage; Retail outlet of overstocked or unwanted parts;  Automotive logistics.

We provide the recycled parts as and when our customers require them for their vehicle maintenance schedules or accident repair needs.

How do we do it?

We work with fleet users in a fully transparent partnering relationship, supplying and sharing data to ensure the best possible recycling solution. Our robust, core operations manifest in most efficient and environmentally responsible processes that adhere to legislative requirements.

Financial and operational best practice.

Partnering with our customers and suppliers, sharing data and true realisable vehicle and parts values, ensures a balanced cycle of best practice. Continual improvement finely tunes our cost of service delivery and environmental impact.

What makes The Cleave Group ‘green’?

Our innovative, environmentally friendly recovery and reuse of quality, green recycled parts, in turn, manifests in a highly selective environmentally friendly recycling output. This prevents unnecessary landfill waste, saves energy and sustains vital resources. For example, when comparing the total amount of steel recycled per annum by The Cleave Group, can evidence an almost 100% recycling rate.


The Cleave Group Guarantee

The Cleave Group guarantees that it will:

  • Only supply quality recycled OEM parts.
  • Offer a range of variable warranty policies from three-month to one-year
  • Inevitably provide customers with:
  • Up to 92% saving on new OEM purchase prices.
  • A reduction of customer fitting and labour costs.
  • Reductions in category D write offs and BER vehicle disposals.
  • A reduction in vehicle off-road replacement rental cost.
  • A reduction in vehicle down time.
  • A continuity of clients’ vehicle operational cycle.

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